23 marzo 2012

6 del 9 Sin Porno - Manual Tomo 2


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Mastodon - Leviathan (piano)

A Day in the Life of a Kiva Robot

Lyin' Eyes - Eagles

Lyin' Eyes by Eagles on Grooveshark

22 marzo 2012

Soy un tío malo!

Chernobyl Diaries - Official Trailer (HD)

Firefighter helmet cam interior attack.

Incredible Whale Encounter - Mother Gray Whale Lifts Her Calf Out of the...

La Reforma Laboral del PP

El pequeño hipopótamo

20 marzo 2012

Puppies Herd Ducklings | Too Cute

Snow White and the Huntsman Full Trailer 2

Spiritualized, Hey Jane

Rolling in the deep 古筝版.flv

Piranha 3DD - Official Red Band Trailer

Clones e inspiraciones en la moda.

Clones -- Mujerhoy.com --

09 marzo 2012

Santigold - Disparate Youth [Official Music Video]

Loch Lomond - "Elephants and Little Girls" - Official Video

Thom Yorke - Analyse (From The Basement)

A self-fulfilling prophecy of endless possibility
You roll in reams across the street
In algebra, in algebra

The fences that you cannot climb
The sentences that do not rhyme
In all that you can ever change
The one you're looking for

It gets you down
It gets you down

There's no spark
No light in the dark

It gets you down
It gets you down
You traveled far
What have you found
That there's no time
There's no time
To analyse
To think things through
To make sense

Like cows in the city, they never looked so pretty
By power carts and blackouts
Sleeping like babies

It gets you down
It gets you down
You're just playing a part
You're just playing a part

You're playing a part
Playing a part
And there's no time
There's no time
To analyse

Sleigh Bells - "Irreplaceable" (Beyoncé cover)

07 marzo 2012

Futurama - Bender vende su hijo al diablo

Waldo The Movie - Official Trailer [HD]

Introducing Google Play

Medal of Honor Warfighter Debut Trailer

Plan B - ill Manors [New Single w/ Lyrics]

Esbjörn Svensson & Pat Metheny

La ecografía (solocomedia.com)

El regreso (solocomedia.com)

06 marzo 2012

Givenchy Liv Tyler Need You Tonight video clip

The Countdown Thing

No pienso llorar

No Robots from YungHan Chang on Vimeo.

Dog Loves Toy Mouse

Trailer Men in Black 3 - Los hombres de negro 3 | HD | Español | Castellano

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Soy un tío muy malo

Como utilizar el huevo Tenga

05 marzo 2012


Cari, puedes llevar mi equipaje?


Humor de jueves (día de terapia)

Sonríe, por favor!

Sonríe, por favor!

01 marzo 2012

Iron Butterfly

Iron Butterfly Theme by Iron Butterfly on Grooveshark

CARIBOU - Jamelia

Ahora sí

Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme

Sí, soy un tío malo

Humor de jueves (día de terapia)