15 marzo 2013

Long Distance Calling - Welcome Change

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders "Call Me Maybe" vs US Troops "Call Me Maybe"

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

St. Patrick's Day [through Google Glass]

Another Normal Day in Russia

March 2013 - Best Epic Fail Compilation - HumourHome

Strongman Crushed by 360 Pound Boulder

12 marzo 2013

11 marzo 2013

The Album Leaf - Always for You (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Maldad gatuna

El Eyeball de la guerra urbana y la lucha antiterrorista

Radiohead - Harmonic Loops (new song)

Hit By A Bus* - The Supercut

Turret Opera / Cara Mia (Portal 2) - A Cappella

Kittens On The Beat